- Infonex running web service page for only sever system (
- Distribute server barebone and component
- Build web server, file server, DB server, stream server and application sever
- Distribute brand server such as Compaq, SUN and Fujitsu
- Provide RACK cabinet and UPS
- Other component for server (RAID, SCSI controller)
- Major reference : Government of Environment, KFDA, Korea Customer protection Agency, Korea press industry cooperation, Korea chemical material management cooperation
- NEX Series will be released
- Provide Back up system such DLT, LTO, NAS, SAN
- Build Homepage
- Build MIS, ERP system
- Develop remote control software
- Contract with several solution company as ERP, web log analyzer , CMS, SMS, NMS Solutions : NetEver, Web log analyzer, groupware, CMS, ERP, SMS, Regato
Overseas marketing
- Make import/export operation with Germany, Australia, Thailand, China, Japan
- Establish branch company in Thailand (2004)
- Negotiation with Vario Pac(Germany) for innovated design CD case as exclusive dealer in Korea
- Negotiation with ACNC(USA) for RAID System as exclusive distributor in Korea
- Negotiation with IR (Australia) for SMS(System Management Service) as
exclusive distributor in Korea
Distribution Field
- Running computer distribution shopping mall (
- Distributing PC and peripherals in YongSan market
- Computer channel marketing
- Replace old system & build re-used PC room