We are very glad to meet you in this moment. I’m Mr. Kwon, Hoon who is C.E.O. of Infonex Company.

We are greeting to all users, including customer, partner who visited our web site.

“Innovated Idea” & “orderly but freely”
Infonex Company was composed by innovated and young person who never worry in front of obstacles. With positive thinking and know-how for IT industry, we have been exploring IT overseas marketing. As a result of our effort for overseas marketing, several lines channels such as Australia, Thailand, Germany and Japan were connected and we are now trying to lead world IT business in near future.
To achieving opportunity in overseas, all effort of Infonex Company to get suitable data and knowledge has been growing. We never fear/scare the defeat. Because, we know the fruit of great success was already knocked in front of our main-entrance.

"Endless Challenge in IT industry"
To tackle changeable, E- business based IT industry as positive attitude, Infonex Company running on/off line distributing site, server computing field and storage field. Moreover, Infonex Company staring overseas change/movement to accept innovated and changed new technology. In personal planning, continuous recruit suitable person to adapt changeable needs of customer.

“Always Listen for you”
Create and trust are basic ideal of Infonex Company. Before of you, Infonex always think about your comfort. Without customer and partner, Infonex can’t stand anymore. Infonex try to understand more about you.

Please regard Infonex who always be with your site. Infonex will devote to meet your comfort and appreciation.


Kwon Hoon President of Company Infonex Co.,Ltd