- September Establish Infonex as personal company
System support to Fair-trade committee
Open Infonex shopping (http://www.infonex.co.kr)
  - October Build system for MyoungSung industry company
DB maintenance for financial payment committee of Korea and Oilbank KOREA
  - November System support Dongkak local government
  - December build computer shopping mall(http://www.cc21.co.kr)
Participate to program team for KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board)
  - January System support for HSIT (PC and intra-network)
System support for NEC KOREA (UPS, server system)
System support for Netmable(server system, PC)
  - June Participate SI project for KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board) (http://safe.cpb.or.kr)
  - July Join KSFC (Korea Software Financial Cooperation)
  - September Move register head office to YongSan area
  - January Technical support for KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board)
  - February Build home page for National environment research center
Build Kids homepage for Han-river maintenance agency
  - April Provides web-directory and web robot solution for KFTC (Korea Fair Trade Commision)
  - June Support sever computer system for KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board)
  - September Build web for BOOCRYSTAL
Hire Sewon company as partner for online services
Contract Mirae information communication as distributor for
network devices
build Netgear shopping mall(http://www.netgearmall.co.kr)
  - October Build BCT Korea homepage
Contract to provide CRISTAL devices with Dang Khoa (company in Vietnam)
  - November Build BCT Korea homepage
Provide Mail server and Oracle product to KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board)
Provide server computer for inspection system
Participate “internet cleaning event” for government of financial of Korea
Contract with “3top information communication” for distributing system
Contract with Digital security for Logsaver
  - December Contract “3top information communication” for Vietnam
Provide server computer to Korea industrial personal planning agency
Provide L4 switch and server computer to Customer protection agency of
  - Jenuary Provide server computer to Korea industrial personal planning agency
Contract with DARAE Information communication Company for marketing
Provide L4 switch andCaching server to Dongkak/Jungrang local government
  - March Contract with New-vision eye Company for marketing
Contract with NEO.Com / Build NEO.COM web
  - April Build web for KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board)
Contract with Polos-Tech for groupware sales
  - June Provides system and WAS devices for KFDA(Korea Food & Drug Administration)
Change Infonex Company as stock joint company
  - July System maintenance for KFDA(Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  - September Business meeting in Vietnam for E-learning system for Vietnam market
  - October Provides Intel server to KCPB(Korea Consumer Protection Board)
  - December Provides server computer to NEC KOREA
  - Jenuary Provide server system for IPC MIS
  - February Create sever business team in Infonex organization
Build network for Hansung construction company
  - March Move head office to Yeoyuido
Contract with JBJANG Company to get Gigabyte server
Register as Intel e-Business Partner
Provide server computer to Doyoung trade company
Provide server/Back-up devices to CCR company
Contact with “I-happy” shopping mall
  - April Provide Work-station computer to government of Environment
Provide web reporting tool to KFDA(Korea Food & Drug Administration)
Provide server to tour2000 Company
Contract with “Wow shopping mall” to support system
Contract with HanCom linux for groupware/ MSI server promotion
Provide S/W “PowerSync” for inspection in government of Finance
  - May Provide Server system to Hub-m.com
Provide server system to I-force
  - June Provide VOD server to KFDA
Contract with Franchise Company “Chingu net”
Provides Server system to I-force
  - July Open Nex Server homepage
Cooperated promotion with HanCom linux company for WorkDesk MSI Server
Contract with InnerBus Company for web report tool
  - August Provide server to Korea Press industry cooperation
Provide server to Hubm.Com
  - September Contract with Cab Soft for web report tool
Business meeting in Thailand to establish branch company in Thailand
  - October register as overseas trader
Provide reporting tool and log analyzer / CMS solution to KFDA
Expend business with AMD board of MSI Serve